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ButtaLuvv Body Butters

OG Whipped Body Butter

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The original ButtaLuvv formula! I created this butter by hand, with love and concern. My bonus daughters suffered from terrible eczema and I was saddened by their cries and complaints of itchy, flaky skin.

OG-Triple-OG. She's concentrated, you only need a small amount.

Fluffy, creamy, luxurious. Rub this small piece of heaven all over, directly out of the shower. 

*This product is 100% natural. Only natural essential oils are available with thi formula. 

**Please note though all ingredients are raw, the unscented formula still has a natural scent due to the shea butter.

Ingredients: West African shea butter, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, vitamin e, coconut oil, avocado seed oil, cacao butter, arrowroot powder